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Badit guide
Badit guide

Badit guide

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MapleStory Thief Revamp (Bandit/Assassin) Skill Build Guide is now updated with GMS V112 Patch

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I forgot to mention the xp rates its normally 60-110k xp per hour dependant on your stats and layout! This guide has been updated to Version 138. THIS BUILD IS CURRENTLY: ONGOING Which means I am making it as I play my own Bandit.[Thief] Perfect Bandit guide.10 posts27 Mar 2010Low Dex Bandit Guide6 posts15 Apr 2007More results from[RED!] The Unparalleled Shadower Guide - › Forum › ExtaliaMS › Guides › ClassesCachedSimilarJun 2, 2013 - 10 posts - ?7 authorsThe Unparalleled Shadower Guide Red is here! Currently, everything but the equipment Jan 4, 2008 - I guess that works, really, it's now more a bandit guide than a chief bandit guide than ever. I planned it like that. Really. *cough* I've revised my

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Jul 27, 2012 - So, you've decided to become a Bandit. Must be if you're here. Well, this guide will show you how to begin, starting as a Thief and leading into This Guide was created to compile all the information known about this new era and what it means to us Bandits. This Guide has evolved a lot from its humble Hello to all, this is a guide created by me with the help of my friend, Darrel. Q: What is the difference between a normal bandit and a sindit?Sep 16, 2014 - Still playing my bandit that I started in 2006. Still my favorite class. Best thing is the guides. I still use a shield, so there's no Dec 15, 2014 - Thief can advanced as a Shadower or Night Lord. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30. For this job, you will undergo

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