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A statement that contradicts itself
A statement that contradicts itself

A statement that contradicts itself

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Jul 29, 2008 - What is a statement that contradicts it's self called for example "I An oxymoron is a word grouping or phrase that contracts itself (such as

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A paradox is a statement that contradicts itself or a situation which seems to defy logic. Often premises can be proven false which rectifies the contradiction. Oct 14, 2009 - Paradox consists of a whole sentence. Oxymoron on the other hand comes with only two words that contradicts itself. In simple words, Paradox3. a statement that is at variance with itself (often in the phrase a contradiction in terms). 4. conflict or inconsistency, as between events, qualities, etc. 5. a person A statement that seems to contradict itself but may nonetheless be true: the paradox that standing is more tiring than walking. 2. A person, thing, or situation that

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A contradiction is a situation or ideas in opposition to one another. Declaring publicly that you are (logic) a statement that contradicts itself. Type of: falsehood His contradiction of the proposal was very interesting. (countable) A statement that contradicts itself. There is a contradiction in what you say - she can't be both Jan 5, 2013 - This statement is clearly making itself wrong in its later part. self-contradictory and self-refuting imply an logical contradiction; oxymoron

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